Dubai: Guard’s kind act for limping gazelle wins hearts

The touching incident was captured on video and shared by a resident.

A security guard’s random act of kindness towards a limping, dehydrated gazelle is winning hearts all over the internet.

Transguard Group employee Ajit Jalhari was out on a routine patrol around a golf course in Dubai, when he spotted the exhausted animal and immediately stopped his buggy to tend to it.

Sapped out of energy due to the unsparing heat, the gazelle was limping when Jalhari came across it. The guard helped the animal into his vehicle so it could rest under the shaded roof of the buggy, and gave it some water to drink.

The heartwarming incident was captured on video and shared by a resident.


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“Thanks to everyone for seeing this video and the person who posted it… I really appreciate it,” said Jalhari, a native of Nepal who has worked for Transguard Group for six years.

“We know that our employees consistently go above and beyond, so it is a joy to see the response this video has received,” said managing director Greg Ward.

For Tim Mundell, Transguard Group’s Chief Security Officer, Jalhari’s actions are a prime example of what it means to be a security guard.

“Our security teams do so much more than we give them credit for and Ajit’s actions are just one such example. His act of kindness has touched so many people and demonstrates that a small act of compassion and care can go so far,” Mundell said during a recognition ceremony.

”He has displayed exactly what it means to be a Transguard security guard, and we are incredibly proud of how he has represented the company.”

During the ceremony, Jalhari was presented with a certificate recognising his exemplary service for the UAE and its wildlife, as well as named Employee of the Month.

For Jalhari, who is still coming to grips with his sudden fame, caring for the gazelle was second nature, something that he believes should be second nature for all.

“We need to help anyone having problems, whether human beings or animals,” he declared, adding, “That is good for everybody and that will save the world.”

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