Dubai employees enjoy highest take-home pay in the world

According to a PwC report, Dubai allows high-income earners to take home their entire pay.

Dubai tops the global list of cities where white collar working class takes home the highest pay packages, according to data analysed by PWC UK.

A table comparing take-home pay scales of individuals working in 14 global cities was published by Dubai Media Office on Monday evening on their Twitter account, showing Dubai topping the charts.

This is based on the data collated by PWC UK comparing the take-home salaries after tax and social security obligations, and assumes individual is married with no children and pays social security in the country where he/she is a tax resident.

The report also assumes that the employee is not a remote worker, and resides in the country of employment.

The study was conducted for a news agency in March this year. Dubai scores well on being a tax-free jurisdiction and has been attracting talent from across the world. Its rise as a financial, commercial, and tourism hub in the Middle East has attracted people from all corners of the world.

Dubai is among the league of top cities in the world in terms of doing business, having a safe and secured life, and a good all year round holiday destination.

With the latest slew of reforms on the visa front, its attractiveness is increasing even further.


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