UAE: Covid survivor donates hair grown for cancer patients

He offered 12.2 inches of locks to a ‘hair bank’ group in Kerala on Friday.

Abu Dhabi-based Indian expat K.C. Mazin has donated his hair for cancer patients after growing them for a year following his back-to-back battles with Covid-19 infection. He offered 12.2 inches of locks to a ‘hair bank’ group in Kerala on Friday.

Mazin, a 34-year-old Keralite, was hit early by Covid, turning positive on April 29, 2020, and then again on June 2. A longtime Covid patient with multiple complications, he received treatment at Abu Dhabi’s Burjeel Medical City (BMC), where he found a new slant to life.

“I am into social media marketing,” he said over the phone from Kerala. “I keep meeting people. But I panicked when I was positive for a second time. As in June, I was still recovering from the health issues from the first infection. So, it was surreal. I locked myself in my room. But then I developed high fever, started shivering and a worsening cough left me gasping for breath. I was scared. I had earlier worked at VPS Healthcare. I called Burjeel Medical City. An ambulance took me to the hospital where I was diagnosed with pneumonia. I was told it would have been life threatening if I had delayed seeking treatment.”

Mazin was isolated and got treatment at BMC, which also specialises in oncology. The regular awareness videos on cancer patients and their plight shown in the ward moved Mazin.

“Those videos stirred my conscience,” he said. “I was amazed by the courage and resilience of cancer survivors. The memories of my friend, who is a survivor, came rushing. And a strong urge captivated me. I enquired more about the cancer patients from my doctor and nurse. After hearing the inspiring stories of survivors, I vowed that I would donate my hair to make wigs for those fighting cancer. Maybe that conviction got me more energy and will power to get well soon too. God has been benevolent. He answered my prayers. I soon got better and was discharged.”

Mazin started growing his hair from the last week of June 2020. He returned to his native place of Malappuram in Kerala in February and got stuck there. While his initial plan was to donate hair in Abu Dhabi, he saw compelling reasons to do so in Kerala.

“I felt hair donation had fallen during the pandemic,” explained Mazin. “Also, many associations were not accepting hair because of fear. I realised my locks were needed more in Kerala. I donated to, a charity association, on August 6. I am very happy. While battling Covid, I found a new slant to life. I understand the pain of cancer patients. I thank BMC for cancer awareness initiatives. I hope my act encourages others,” said Mazin, who will return to Abu Dhabi soon.


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