Covid in UAE: New exemption for 3-person rule in vehicles

Dh3,000 fine specified for violating the rule on maximum capacity.

Authorities in the UAE have announced an updated list of fines for violating Covid safety rules. The penalties cover a wide range of measures, including the maximum number of people allowed in vehicles.

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The UAE Attorney-General has specified the maximum number of people allowed in cars, pick-up trucks, bikes and other vehicles. Motorists will be fined Dh3,000 for violating the limit.

Only the driver is allowed to be on a bike; while pick-up trucks can have a driver and a passenger.

Other vehicles can have a driver and two passengers.

Family members and their domestic help; and second-degree relatives are exempted from the above rule.

If there is just the driver in a vehicle, s/he doesn’t need to wear a mask. Family members, domestic help and second-degree relatives are also exempted from the mask rule while inside the vehicle.

Sahim Salim

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