UAE Jobs: Multiple firms hiring, salary up to Dh5,000

The new positions include multiple roles such as accountant and personal secretary, among others.

As the economy opens up and new jobs are created every day across the UAE, Khaleej Times brings you new jobs that are advertised with the first English newspaper of the UAE.

The new jobs involve multiple roles such as accountant, personal secretary, customer service representative, payroll officer, business development executive and document controller. Salary for the new jobs range between Dh4,000 to Dh5,000.

Below are the full details of the jobs:

>> Accounts Assistant: A facilities management company on Sheikh Zayed Road is hiring accounts assistant with 1-2 years experience. This mid-career job offer Dh3,500 to Dh4,000 salary.


>> Personal Secretary: An oil and gas company in Dubai is looking for a female candidate for the role of personal secretary for the company owner. This full-time job requires a candidate who should have 1-2 years of experience. She should be a friendly and hardworking person.


>> Customer Service Representative: An automobile firm has a vacancy for a customer service representative who has 1-2 years of experience. The selected candidate will be offered Dh3,500 to Dh4,000 salary a month for the full-time job. The candidate will have to manage customer queries and complaints. He/she will also be asked to process orders, modifications, and escalate complaints across a number of communication channels.


>> Business Development Executive: An automobile company in Dubai is hiring a business development executive with up to two-year experience. The selected candidate will be offered Dh4,000 to Dh5,000 salary. The candidate should be goal-oriented with good time management skills.


>> Document Controller: An office equipment company in Deira is recruiting a document controller. Candidates with up two-year experience can apply. Key responsibilities include storing documents, create templates, manage requests for documentation and manage correspondence and incoming document registers – recording, filing and distributing in accordance with the agreed process.


>> Payroll Officer: A company in Dubai has a vacancy for a payroll officer and offers Dh4,000 to Dh5,000 salary per month. The job is open to both male and female candidates with 1-2 years experience. The candidates will be responsible for tracking and managing the company’s payroll data, calculating employees’ compensation, updating the internal payroll database and ensuring timely payments among others.


Waheed Abbas

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