Galadari Brothers’ blood donation drive a huge success

Hundreds of employees from the group donate blood as part of ‘My Blood for My Country’ campaign

Hundreds of employees from various entities of the Galadari Brothers Group came forward to donate blood during a campaign organised at the group head office on Wednesday.

The 10th edition of the ‘My Blood for My Country’ campaign, conducted in cooperation with the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), saw employees of different nationalities, including Emiratis, British, Syrians, Jordanians, Egyptians, Indians, Pakistanis and Filipinos, take part in the noble drive.

Suhail Galadari, Co-chairman of Galadari Brothers, said: “The UAE always leads from the front in humanitarian efforts and Galadari Brothers is proud to be part of such noble initiatives. I am very happy that a large number of employees across the board turned up to donate blood. We value such humanitarian initiatives and will continue to support them.”

Mohammed Galadari, Co-chairman of Galadari Brothers, said: “I am happy that the blood donation campaign was conducted successfully. The response from the staff was very positive and the turnout was better than expected. Galadari Brothers will continue to provide more platforms to empower employees to undertake noble causes.”

Mohamed Yahya Kazi Meeran, Director and Group CEO of Galadari Brothers, said: “Galadari Brothers has always taken the lead when it comes to giving back to society. We are proud that a large number of group employees turned up and donated blood.”

He added that the campaign was done in full compliance with Covid-19 safety guidelines issued by the authorities. “All details related to vaccination, travel history and medical screening were documented before the blood donation process.”

Alizeh Fatima Zaidi, Group Head – Human Resources, said over 200 employees eagerly enrolled for this noble cause, and ensured the success of the drive. “The Galadari Brothers’ endeavour has always been to contribute to society, and we remain committed to providing a platform to our employees to participate in such causes in the future as well,” she said.

The event was conducted strictly in line with the Covid-19 safety protocols issued by the local authorities by maintaining social distance, wearing of masks and sanitisation of the facility before and during the campaign.

Noble cause

Statistics recently issued by the Dubai Health Authority showed that the ‘My Blood for My Country’ campaign has provided nearly 36,000 units of blood in the past nine years, which helped save the lives of 90,000 patients.

Axel Dreyer, CEO of the Automotive Division at Galadari Automobiles Co. Ltd., who took part in the drive, said: “Blood donation is very important, and it is a gift that a resident like me can give. This country has given so much to its residents, especially during the difficult pandemic period, so I see it as an expression of patriotism. After living for more than 10 years in the UAE, I have recently been granted the Golden Visa, and this is my token of appreciation to this great nation and its leaders.”

Samira Al Shamam, a UAE national, praised the initiative saying it gives satisfaction to the donor in this world, and rewards in the Hereafter.

“I am happy to donate for the second time in four years. I am proud that the organisation I am part of is contributing towards such a noble initiative as people suffering from cancer or Thalassemia need blood. I encourage all Emiratis and expats to come forward and play their part in this regard,” she said.

Mazen Abdul Baki, general manager of GB Equipment Solutions, said it’s everyone’s responsibility to contribute to the country in whatever way they can. “It’s a very good step to be part of the humanitarian effort. Donating blood makes you feel that you’re part of this nation,” said the Syrian expat.

Maysarah Abdul Rehman, who works for Galadari Energy Solution, believes that donating blood makes people healthier. “I used to donate blood regularly in Jordan. When my mother was in the hospital and she needed blood, I saw people coming forward voluntarily and donating blood. From that day, I’ve been donating blood regularly and also encourage my sons to do it. Even if there is no demand for blood in the family, I encourage them to go to the blood bank and donate,” said the Jordanian national.

Hailing the humanitarian initiative, Hesham Mohammed, an Egyptian national who works for Galadari Trucks and Heavy Equipment Co., said it’s a great opportunity to help others. “Such initiatives benefit the entire community and should be held every six months or so. We are encouraging everyone in the unit to take part in it.”

Janine Dinglasan, part of the finance team at Khaleej Times, also donated blood for the second time.

Majid Ismail Shaikh, an Indian national who is a part of the web team at Khaleej Times, said his entire family takes part in such social initiatives for the benefit of the community. “I have personally seen people who are in need of the blood benefitting from such campaigns. I’ll continue this practice in the future as well,” he said.

Waheed Abbas

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