Route 2020: All you need to know about getting to the Expo site

The metro line connects seven stations and provides safe and smooth transport for visitors of the Expo as well as Dubai districts

The Dubai Metro Expo 2020 Station will begin operations on October 1, synchronised with the official opening of Expo 2020, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced on Saturday.

Mohammed Al Tayer, director-general, chairman of the board of executive directors of the RTA, revealed that the department has built over 15 projects costing more than Dh 15 billion to serve Expo 2020.

“However, the Dubai Metro will play a pivotal role in the daily movement of people to and from the Expo 2020 site. RTA undertook the construction of Route 2020 of the Dubai Metro to ensure smooth mobility for all stakeholders and visitors,” said Al Tayer.

Route 2020 service timings

The Red and Green Lines of Dubai Metro will offer passenger services from Saturday to Wednesday from 5am to 1.15am (of the following day).

On Thursday, the service will run from 5am to 2.15am (of the following day), and on Friday from 8am to 1.15am (of the following day).

The service frequency will be every 2:38 minutes during peak times. Dubai Tram will provide service from Saturday to Thursday from 6am to 1am (of the following day), and on Friday from 8am to 1am (of the following day).

Expo 2020 buses

Expo Buses will operate from 6.30am and continue service for 90 minutes after the closure of Expo Gates.

Passenger commuting service from the parking area (Expo Parking Shuttle) to the three Expo Gates will start at 9am and continue for 90 minutes after the closure of Expo Gates.

Bus service between Expo Gates (Expo People Mover) will start service at 6.30am and continue service 90 minutes after the closure of Expo Gates. Taxi and e-hailing services will run around the clock.

Fact: Route 2020 extends 15km from Jebel Ali Metro Station on the Red Line to Expo 2020 Station.

The metro line connects seven stations and provides safe and smooth transport for visitors of the Expo as well as Dubai districts.

Route 2020 serves communities populated by more than 270,000 people, namely the Gardens, Discovery Gardens, Al Furjan, Jumeirah Golf Estates, Dubai Investment Park and Dubai Expo 2020 site, said Al Tayer.

The Expo Station is expected to receive 35,000 daily visitors of Expo during weekdays, and the number is set to increase to 47,000 daily visitors during weekends. This number accounts for 29 per cent of the total expected number of daily visitors to Expo.

It has a capacity of 46,000 riders per hour in both directions, 23,000 riders per hour per direction. The number of riders is expected to reach 275,000 riders per day in 2030.

The route links seven stations: one transfer station, three elevated stations, two underground stations and one iconic station: Expo 2020.

The area of elevated stations ranges from 8,100 to 8,800 square metres, and the area of the two underground stations ranges from 27,000 to 28,700 square metres. Expo Station spans 18,800 square metres in area.


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The station can serve 29,000 riders per hour during peak times and 522,000 riders per day. It also has a unique plane-wing design symbolising Dubai’s take-off towards innovation.

“The station’s design serves the integration with public transit means with spaces for buses and taxis stands,” said Al Tayer. “The Jumeirah Golf Estates Metro Station is the biggest underground station in the entire Dubai Metro network. It spans 28,700 square metres in area and extends 232 metres in length. It can serve 11,555 riders per hour during peak times and about 250,000 riders per day,” said Al Tayer.


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