Expo 2020 Dubai: ‘Smart pants’ to treat knee, thigh problems

Through vibration sensors on the wrist that monitor hand movement, the smart pants enable doctors to ‘see’ muscle movement

An innovative prototype at Expo 2020’s Germany pavilion could soon be the solution to all knee and thigh aches — smart pants.

The pants can track, monitor and evaluate the movement of muscles, opening up a new way of treating knee, thigh and other joint issues in the future.

The intelligent pants for movement analysis, developed by research project SMOVE, were shared with visitors to Campus Germany at Expo 2020 Dubai, who were briefed on how the efficiency of joints decreases and movement becomes more difficult with age, accidents and diseases.

Dr Vincent Hofbauer, consultant orthopaedic and trauma surgery specialist in hand surgery and special trauma surgery from University Hospital Muenster, said: “Sometimes we defer to the surgical solution, and the replacement of a joint with another one, usually made of metal and plastic.


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“In order to avoid such operations, we have to ensure that the muscles are moving, as the lack or absence of movement may cause health problems later.”

Through vibration sensors on the wrist that monitor hand movement, the smart pants enable doctors to ‘see’ muscle movement, enabling them to identify issues and monitor patients’ conditions.


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