UAE: Woman takes ex to court, loses Dh3.3 million lawsuit

The man said the plaintiff made false allegations against him because he called off their marriage arrangements

An Abu Dhabi woman has lost a Dh3.3 million lawsuit against her ex-boyfriend, who she said borrowed the amount from her as a loan to invest in a real estate business. Her case was dismissed due to lack of evidence.

According to official court documents, the Arab woman befriended the young man following lengthy conversations in person and on social media.

The woman said the man told her that he held a big position at his workplace and also worked on major projects, such as car auctioning.

She said the man later asked her to lend her money so he could invest it a profitable real estate business.

The woman said she first sent him Dh82,000 through a money exchange service and later handed him Dh1.69 million in cash.

She said she also gave the man another Dh370,000 in cash. The woman then claimed that the man had taken Dh1.2 million from her account when she left her bank card with him while she was abroad.

In court, the defendant denied receiving the sums of money from the woman. He stressed that the plaintiff had just made false allegations against him because he had cancelled their marriage arrangements.

The man said he had intended to marry the woman, but later told her he changed his mind. He wanted their relationship to end so he could marry another woman. He also said the plaintiff was older than him.

Further, the man said it was the woman who owed him money and she had paid him back by remitting the cash through a money exchange service. He stressed that he didn’t withdraw any money from her bank account when she travelled abroad.

The man asked court to dismiss the woman’s case because it was baseless and lacked sufficient evidence.


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After hearing from both parties, the Abu Dhabi Court for Family and Civil and Administrative Claims dismissed the case on grounds that the woman didn’t present sufficient evidence to prove that she handed the cash to the man as a loan.

The judge also said in his ruling that the woman had asked court to assign an expert to investigate the matter without her presenting any documents or evidence to support her claims that she really loaned the cash to the man, which he failed to pay back.


Ismail Sebugwaawo

A professional journalist originating from Kampala, Uganda, Ismail is a happy father with strong attachment to family and great values for humanity. He has practiced journalism in UAE for the past 13 years, covering the country’s parliament (FNC) and crimes, including Abu Dhabi Police, public prosecution and courts. He also reports about important issues in education, public health and the environment, with a keen interest in human interest stories. When out of reporting duties, he serves the Ugandan community in Abu Dhabi as he wants to see his countrymen happy. Exercising and reading are part of his free time.

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