UAE weather: Foggy morning ahead; humidity to hit 90%

Motorists are advised to take caution, as a fog formation is expected to reduce visibility until 9am on Tuesday.

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) issued an alert warning and said that visibility is expected to reduce even further in coastal and internal areas, especially northward and eastward.

The morning is also likely to feel damp, as humidity rises to 90 per cent in several parts of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Officials earlier said that residents could expect a humid and foggy forecast for a few days.

Temperatures, on the other hand, will reach up to 35 degrees Celsius in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and dip to the mid-20s range. The day is expected to be mostly sunny.

The lowest temperature is expected in Sila and Gasyoura in Abu Dhabi, with both regions recording 21 degrees Celsius.

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