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Exciting special offers, speaking for the name is an online platform that makes UAE shopping exciting and affordable.

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Who we are?
We are the real offer informers!

Our team is made up of enthusiastic individuals eager to take UAE online shopping to the next level of convenience. Allow every individual sitting at home to have access to souq UAE, lulu hypermarket, Carrefour UAE, KM trading, Nesto, and such exciting and genuine special offers at their fingertips.


Exciting Special Offers UAE


Giveaways are the most fun and exciting. You always participate in a small engaging sessions or activities in order to get registered for the giveaway and then the organizations randomly picks a winner to celebrate. Exciting Special offers, likewise collaborate with amazing stores and supermarkets to bring you valuable giveaways to participate in and win exciting deals from

What we do

Our Team here at Exciting special offers provides you with a platform to access all exciting
special offers from all around UAE. Now you can find all the genuine, ongoing sales and
promotions in UAE in one hassle-free location.

About us

If youโ€™re a person who is addicted to shopping and doesnโ€™t want to spend all your money youโ€™ve come to the right place. Exciting special offers, speaking for the name is an online platform that makes UAE online shopping exciting and affordable. We display various sales and discount catalogs from the largest supermarket chains and hypermarkets like carrefour UAE, lulu hypermarkets, and offers in Lulu, carrefour promotions, Nesto offers, and much more for you to make shopping much more affordable. With the nformation we are putting out here, you can now shop all you want while saving extra bucks whilst doing it.

Why us?

Have you ever seen a sale or a promotion only to rush there and find out it was a hoax? Well, thatโ€™s where we come in. Our website and social media platforms offer you important and genuine gathered information directly from the relevant store, restaurants, supermarkets, and hypermarkets to offer you ongoing sales and promotions that allow you to redeem such offers at the relevant shopping centers without having to face embarrassment and disappointments.

Why we started Exciting special offers…

Often weโ€™ve seen many offers and sales in certain stores and weโ€™ve been tricked into believing it is true. We then share with various people only till one of them realizes after visiting the store that it was all a sham. To rectify such situations, weโ€™ve put together this safe place for everyone to view and redeem such special and genuine offers. As mentioned earlier, our information is directly obtained from the store itself instead of third-party agencies to avoid any fraud and faulty messages being put out for our customers. This is a dedicated true platform for real ongoing promotions and sales, a safe place for you to gather all the information you need before heading out for shopping.

Promotions through us!

If youโ€™re a business owner trying to put out your information to the customers, youโ€™ve come to the right place. Our platform helps such organizations pass legitimate information about their ongoing sales and promotions to their loyal customers in an instant. Join hands with us to help reach out your messages to everyone shopping online and physical all around UAE.

Get in touch with us and letโ€™s have a chat about it. Call us directly on +971 58 233 1662 or whatsapp us to the same number and there will be someone to assist you throughout your way.

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I have been delighted with the experience of exciting special offers. They have very comprehensive offer displays and I was able to redeem a great deal with the information I obtained from them. Truly worth it.
A one stop shop for all your information. Highly recommended if you're looking for latest deals all around UAE.
Alnarjes Harba
I was excited to hear about Exciting special offers. A true and one place for all amazing offers and deals. It has been undoubtedly been a blessing to have someone put out real information.
Ahmed Hegazy


Most frequent questions and answers

We are the offer informers. Any leading store, supermarket, hypermarket, open market, restaurant, and much more have anything on sale you will see it through us. Our Instagram pages and website will display these genuine sales. These are not advertised if the offer has expired, we strictly get information directly through these stores and supermarkets to hand over the information to you without any fraud or miscommunications

Anyone with a platform or a store to sell any products or services with the good intention of its customers and who are willing to trade and sell their goods and services to customers with genuineness can promote their sales and offers through us. We will collect the information directly through these organizations and create comprehensive content to post on our website and social media platforms for our customer base to visit and obtain this information.

We are displaying promotion catalogs from various stores all around UAE such as carrefour UAE, Lulu hypermarket, Lulu web store, KM trading, Nesto, and souq UAE.

Some of the leading foodoutlets and restauanrets such as Talabat, Careem, Deliveroo, Noon Food, Eat-Easy, Clean Eat Me, Munch: On, Al Baik, Subway, Burger King,Starbucks, KFC, Pizza Hut, Chipotle, Taco Bell, McDonald’s, Tim Hortons, DUNKIN, Wendy’s, and Domino’s Pizza.

We also display amazing deals at Noon, Amazon, Mumzworld, Supermart, Ubuy, Cartlow,, Instashop, Lulu Hypermarket, Waitrose and Partners, Carrefour,, and Automobile sales and
offers form Sharaf DG UAE, Jacky’s Electronics UAE, JUMBO Electronics, Virgin Megastore UAE, Emax Electronics UAE, Ecity, Eros Digital, Grand Stores Digital Carrefour Supermarket, Lulu Hypermarket, Nestoย  Hypermarket, and Al Ain Computer Plaza and much more.

It entirely depends on the company and how much they have decided to put on sale. It may vary drastically during different times and on different things.

Therefore, it is best for you to stay tuned and updated with our website and Instagram page to keep track of the ongoing promotions in relevant organizations and stores.

Everyone who has access to a device and internet and is living anywhere in the United Arab Emirates can be benefited from this display of Lulu offers, carrefour offers, promotions, Nesto offers, and much more.

The validity of such offers and promotions will be displayed in the advertisement. Other details such as the address, which stores and branches these offers are available at will also be attached along with the advertisements.

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