Chocolate candy from Hershey’s

Save on Chocolate from Hershey’s! Enjoy the decadent combination of rich milk chocolate or white creme in your favorite REESE’S treats with this variety pack of REESE’S milk chocolate, peanut butter and white creme candy. Ideal for parties, movie nights, candy bowls, the office, concession stands, fundraisers and vending machines, this assorted bulk candy mix is sure to satisfy peanut butter and chocolate lovers of every kind. This 30-count box contains five individually wrapped bars of these six REESE’S candies: REESE’S peanut butter cups, REESE’S STICKS crispy wafers, REESE’S white creme peanut butter cups, REESE’S STUFFED WITH PIECES cups, REESE’S PIECES peanut butter candy and REESE’S Big Cup milk chocolate peanut butter cups. You can’t go wrong! This REESE’S Assorted Milk Chocolate White Creme Peanut Butter Candy, Easter Gift, 44.1 oz Bulk Variety Box (30 Pieces) is only $23.37 for a limited time!

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